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Water Heated Mattress Pad – The Perfect
Addition to Your Bedroom to Achieve
a Better Night’s Sleep

Experience sweet dreams in a brand new way!

Bed Warmer Finds
Your Perfect Sleep Temperature

With Water Heated Mattress Pad, You’ll Stay Warm without High Heating Bills

Quick & Easy No Hassle Bed Warmer Setup

Navien Mate Bed Warmer And Water Heated Mattress Pad – Our Customers Say It Best

We look forward to the pleasure of adding
in your perfect night sleep testimonial using Navien Mate
heated pads and your product review soon!
– Amy Williams, Maine

“I like my bed nice and toasty, but my husband doesn’t. Now with the Navien Mate we can have the best of both worlds!”

– Sarah Foster, Washington

“The only thing I look forward to on cold nights. Unlike other heated blankets or heating pads, this won’t give you headaches nor the puffy face in the morning.”


– Jiyeon Kim, California
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How the Bed Warmer Works

Stay Warm All Night Long with a Water Heated Mattress Pad

Your Bed Warmer Heating Unit

Your Mattress Topper and Cover

Heated Matress Pad and Bed Warmer – Water Circulation

Water Heated Mattress Pad and Bed Warmer Products that You’ll Surely Love

Benefits of Non-Electric Water Heated Bed Warmers

Heat is a natural pain reliever that can soothe inflammatory conditions and minor aches and pains. Heat from Navien Mate bed warmer relaxes muscles, eases tension, and promotes blood flow. In fact, heat therapy has been proven to help you feel better.

When you use a heated mattress pad, you can relieve sore muscles as you sleep. You’ll also get better quality sleep. When you are comfortable at night and are able to achieve deep sleep, your body can heal itself much more effectively.

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In the winter, heating your home can be difficult. Many houses, especially older homes, are prone to cold spots. You may even notice that your bedroom is a few degrees colder than the rest of the house. While during the day, this may not be a problem, as temperatures drop at night, sleeping in that room can be difficult even with the heat on.

More importantly, heating your home in the winter is expensive. Consider the rooms that you don’t use at night like the office, living room, and dining room. When everyone is in their beds at night, you are spending money heating an entire house when you don’t have to.

While turning down the heat can help save you money, it can make sleeping at night uncomfortable and difficult. You need to be able to stay warm at night without breaking the bank. A bed warmer pad or heated mattress pad allows you to do this with low-level heat that’s evenly distributed so that you can snuggle up and get the rest you deserve.

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Speaking of heating, your heat system can dry out your air, which can make living in your home unbearable. As your skin gets dry, so will the rest of your body. This kind of environment is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause colds, the flu, and other viruses.

When you use a water heated mattress pad, you can reduce the need for heat systems in your house. The heated mattress pad keeps the moisture in the air where it belongs, and improves your chances of staying healthy all season long.

Your bed starts off cold during the winter. For the first few minutes after you wrap yourself in the blankets, the bed is as cool as the surrounding air, which can make even the thought of getting into bed uncomfortable.

Our beds should be relaxing, which means they should be warm before we get in them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could crawl under the covers, and they were already warm? With a water heated mattress pad or non electric bed warmer, you can.

With a convenient preheat function of Navien Mate bed warmer, a water heated mattress pad, you can select the temperature you want before climbing into bed. This will make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

The waterproof heated mattress pad also comes with an auto shut off so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the bed warmer getting too hot.

Get more tips on how to warm your bed including the use of water heated mattress pad.

Is there any better feeling than drifting immediately off to sleep after a long day of navigating the harsh winter weather? With a heated bed warmer, you can fall asleep comfortably. There’s no more hitting the sheets and finding yourself wide awake because the cold is unbearable. You’ll rest soundly throughout the entire night with Navien Mate’s heated mattress pad.

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With a water heated mattress pad or non electric bed warmer, you can expect a completely even heat distribution. Electric heated mattress pad and electric bed warmers have hot spots and cold spots. The area where the wires meet the blanket can become extremely hot, while the rest of the blanket is cold. This uneven heat distribution of the electric heated mattress pad can be uncomfortable for many people who want to stay warm, but don’t want their feet cold while their upper body is hot.

Learn the difference between the Electric Blanket and Water-Heated Mattress Pad.

As you may know, electric heated mattress pad and blanket are considered extremely unsafe. This is because many people tend to fall asleep with them. Unfortunately, the areas where the wires meet the blanket can become very hot, and if your skin stays in prolonged contact with these areas while you’re asleep, you could be at risk for burns. Not to mention, many people forget to turn their heated mattress pad or blankets off, which can cause a fire.

If you want to stay warm during the winter, aqua bed warmer is the safest option. With an auto shut off, you never have to worry about using electricity that could be unsafe. Also, with low-level heat and continuous water circulation of the waterproof heated mattress pad, there are no spots of uneven temperature or risk for burns.

Keep yourself warm this season with a water-heated bed warmer!