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Simple, Warm Refreshing Daily Life

No worries about harmful electromagnetic waves and experience a snug sleep.

Did you know that for the most refreshing night’s sleep, the temperature around you has to be just right?

Everyone has their own perfect temperature because there are different body types.

Experience a blissful night’s sleep with Navien heated mattress topper.

Low Voltage DC (Direct Current) Design

Eliminates worries about harmful electromagnetic waves.

You can use it safely with its Low Voltage Direct Current Type (DC 24V), that’s free from harmful electromagnetic waves.

Unlike AC (Alternating Current) no electric field is formed because voltage and current flow in certain direction in DC.

*The amount of electromagnetic waves generated differs in accordance with the type of current.

The detachable adapter protects users from exposure to
harmful electromagnetic waves.

EMF certified (Electromagnetic Field Environment)

Complies with the safety standards of Korea Institute of Machinery for electric and magnetic fields and amount of electromagnetic wave generated.

Smart Heating Care

It warms you up automatically

It automatically maintains your set sleep temperature safely and smart way
for a blissful night’s sleep.

By detecting changes in the external environment it automatically maintains the set temperature.

Temperature-sensing heating wire prevents overheating of any part of the mattress topper.

Temperature Control Technology

By premium brand of boiler, Navien

Dual Temperature Control

Separate heating realized with the proven temperature control technology of the boiler and water-heated mattress pad ensures a snug sleep at you own sleeping temperature.

* Dual temperature feature is supported only in double size.
* Slight differences may occur depending on the set temperature and environment.

8 Level Temperature Control

Easily switch between different temperature ranges to find your ideal sleeping temperature.

Sleep Care System

Personalized warm sleep solution

Find your own refreshing sleep pattern. Scheduling Feature.

Find your own suitable sleep pattern by setting on/off for each desired day of the week. Everyday life feels new.

Experience Snug Sleep

Sleep Mode

It’s good the first time you go into a blanket, but have you ever kick off a blanket because it was getting hot while you were sleeping? Sleep mode that adapts to changes in body temperature helps you sleep comfortably without waking up in the middle.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Remote Control

Control the Navien mattress topper from outside the house with the dedicated App (Navien Mate) via Wi-Fi. Through app-only features and basic temperature control, your sleep environment will be much pleasant and convenient.

Mat & Cover

Navien Mate Premium

Mattress Topper (Pad)

Velour is a plush microfiber fabric with offering greater comfort with longer hair than the high-quality velvet fabric which adds to the mattress topper’s softness, warmth, and cozy volume.

The high density foam offers dreamy comfort and suede fabric for anti-slip.

Reliable to Use

Safe Design

Far infrared rays provide warmth as well as refreshed feeling with safe design that is free from harmful substances.

Hazardous substances and safety tests completed.
– Radon test report (8221-1405-100172, 3)
– Certificate of restrictions of hazardous substances (RoHS)
– Safety test for infants

Carbon Coating

Penetrates the warmth into your body

Existing electric mattress topper

Delivers warmth mainly on the skin surface.

Navien DC heated mattress pad

The warmth is transmitted through the skin surface and into the body.

Healthy far-infrared rays emanate from the carbon coating, to deliver restful warmth deep inside the body.

* Far-infrared emission report (KFI-361)

Mat & Cover

Easy Washable

Don’t worry about durability

– You can wash the blanket up to 5 times. (Based on warm water, wool cycle)

* Be sure to use a washing net.
* Do not use a dryer.
* The mattress topper may shrink slightly when washed.

Washable Certificate (21-062040-01, 02, 03, 04-1)

Compact and Portable

Easy to store and carry

– Compact size makes it easy to store.
– Easy to take with you wherever you go.

Multiple Safety System

Thought about customer safety once more

– The high-temperature mode alarm function notifies you of possible low heat burn.

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