What Kind of Water Should be Added to Navien Mate?

Q. Can I use tap water on the Navien Mate?

“Good morning! Winter has passed, but when I fall asleep at night, I still like to keep the temperature warm. But what kind of water should I add to the Navien Mate heating unit? When I searched the Internet, there is information that tap water can be added but I also found information that only bottled or purified water should be used. I am curious to know the exact information.”

A. Tap water, bottled water, and purified water can all be used in Navien Mate!

The official answer is — you can use either tap water, bottled water or purified water for your Navien Mate heating unit!

In general, Navien Mate recommends bottled water or purified water. However, tap water can also be used for Navien Mate if you don’t have bottled or purified water. When using tap water, depending on your area, the ingredients contained in the tap water may cause partial discoloration, but this will not affect the performance of the product.

A word of caution: distilled water should NOT be used for Navien Mate. Some people may think using distilled water for Navien Mate is fine because it is clean. However, because distilled water has much lower electrons (negative charge), Navien Mate’s sensor may not be able to detect the correct water level, which may cause a malfunction in the unit.

Groundwater is also a no-no because it contains a lot of limestone materials and iron, and sediments can clog the hose, so its use should be avoided.

Lastly, if you are worried about bacteria or odors, do NOT use water that contains detergents, chemicals, oils, and air fresheners as it may cause malfunctions.

How you manage is more important than what kind of water you use!

Fortunately for our customers, Navien Mate is a very “low-maintenance” product. There’s no need to change the water in the heating unit everyday because it has a built-in sterilization mode function. Just use the sterilization function once a month and it will keep the water clean.

The storage method is also important for the life of the product!

Many of our customers are using Navien Mate all year round but some may want to put it away during the warmer months. When you’re ready to store it, it is important to drain all the water from the hose and boiler and fold it well before storing.

The Navien Mate is equipped with an automatic drain function that drains water safely and conveniently. It’s also simple to use. All you need to do is connect the included kit to the hose and press the button according to the voice guidance to automatically drain the water.

After draining all the water, dry the mat and boiler for about a day, then fold it and store it.

(*Note: The automatic water drain function is only available for EQM580)

After summer, when you take it out and use it again, you can test the process of putting water into the Navien Mate, running it and draining it again. If you suspect a problem such as the mat not warming evenly or making a strange sound, consult the Navien Mate customer service center at TEL: 1(844)865-9273/


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