The Best Morning Skin Care Routine after a Good Night’s Sleep

Whether you love to get up before the sun comes out or prefer to wake up when everyone has already left, when you wake up your skin is at its most dehydrated state. There are a couple suggested skin care routines to get you all prepped up for the day during the mornings. For skin care, the way your day starts is almost as important as the way your day ends especially if you have any makeup on and forget to cleanse. So let’s go through a couple skin care routines that will help keep your skin in the best shape during mornings

  • After waking up, you may be tempted to immediately go for your hot cup of coffee. Skip this, at least 3 cups of water is recommended to start your day. Although you slept 6 to 8 hours without water and did not feel anything, your body does though! So provide the proper hydration your skin needs. Hydration is essential for glowing, smooth skin throughout the day. Dry skin can lead to a number of skin diseases so this is not something you would like to experience such as conditions like atopic dermatitis of skin cracking due to repeated skin dehydration. In case 3 cups of water is too much, do it gradually, then eat your breakfast at least 30 minutes after. This helps improve your metabolic state as well by 25% therefore also improving your digestive system.
  • Sweat is Good for Your Skin. No wonder exercising during the morning is the best time to do it. It gets your heart rate up, improves circulation and immediately reflects it through your skin by giving you that radiant glow. It can be as simple as performing a couple yoga poses, running a short distance or performing a couple of high intensity workouts. Not only does your skin feel great after exercising, but also your physical and mental health greatly benefit from this morning routine.

  • Keep your Face Clean. After 6 to 8 hours of sleep, there will undoubtedly be a build up of oil and sweat on your skin and mostly on your face. A gentle facial cleanser should be enough to remove all that overnight build up and keep your face moisturized, effectively removing all that dirt build up. Depending on your skin type, there are facial cleansers for different types, so choose one that works best for you, what is important is that you cleanse during mornings.
  • How Does Exfoliating During Mornings Help? For starters, clearing all your dead skin helps increase your skin’s radiance and maintain its youthfulness simply by unclogging pores, helping reduce acne, improve your skin circulation and many more. A gentle scrub with an exfoliation cleanser should be enough. This should only be done 2 to 3 times a week though since your skin is sensitive, too much abrasion is also harmful to the epidermis.
  • Moisturize Before Leaving the House. A cleanser complete to combat your everyday air pollutants and harmful UV rays ensures you put a guard vest on your skin wherever your day leads you to. A moisturizer with at least an spf of 15 should be adequate to keep your skin protected all throughout. The sun is the leading cause of skin aging, so having that protective armor around it should help prevent any sun damage.

The way you start your day is as important as the way you end it, especially for your skin. Giving it the proper care in turn gives you that everyday glow to keep your confidence up and health in check.

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