The heating unit works normally, but the pad is not warm


Poor connection between heating unit and pad

Circulation disorder due to the location of heating unit and pad

Circulation disorder due to air pressure inside pad

Water shortage

Action to be taken

Check whether the connector of the pad has been connected until there is a ‘click’ sound

  1. When using on a bed, check whether the pad connection hose is drooped and laid in a U shape
  2. Organize the hose so that the connecting hose is spread out for smooth circulation
  1. Set at the maximum temperature and reset the power 2 to 3 times
  2. After operating for about an hour, the air is discharged naturally, and smooth use is possible

Heating may not work if there is a shortage of water, so sufficiently replenish water

Power does not turn on


Poor contact with outlet

Dysfunctional balancing sensor

Action to be taken

Check the connection with the outlet

Check whether the heating unit is on a hard surface (No Carpet)

Noise occurs


Initial high speed mode motor Rotation

Intermittent Motor Noise

Action to be taken

When initially connecting, high speed mode may operate to supply water for 3 minutes and rotating noise may be heard, but it does not occur afterwards

The motor will run to circulate the water in the mat if the heating unit is plugged in, but has not been used for awhile

The remote control does not work


Consumption prevention vinyl is not removed

Worn out battery

Remote control sensor is blocked on the heating unit

Action to be taken

Remove the vinyl battery cover

Replace the battery

Clear the area near the remote control sensor on the heating unit

The heating unit turns off by itself


Timer mode

Action to be taken

Please check if the timer mode is turned on