Product Installation Guide

Please use purified water such as DASANI, Kirkland, Nestle brand bottle water.

Setting Temperature


The left/right tempertures of the pad can be set at intervals of 1ºF by touching the “- / +” buttons on the L/R display windows.

* Heating tempertures can be set from 82ºF to 113ºF


When “UP” is displayed on the screen and a notification sound is on after setting the temperature at 99ºF(37ºC). wait for about 2 seconds.

Press the “+” button again after 2 seconds and temperature will be set over 100ºF(38ºC)


To turn off the heating on one side, touch the “-” button once more at 82ºF.

Setting Timer


Touch the [   ] button and set the desired time by touching the “-/+” buttons on the “R” display window.


The time is set after 3 seconds when the desired time is displayed, and the display window transitions to a temperature display.

* The timer is deactivated if the timer button is touched again while the timer mode is activated.

Setting Sterilization Mode
  1. Touch the [ ] button for 2 seconds to initiate sterilization mode.
  2. When sterilization mode is activated, the remaining time is shown on display window showing minutes and seconds.
  3. Sterilization mode lasts for 30 minutes.
  4. Once the mode is complete, the heating unit automatically turns off.
Setting Child-lock Mode
  1. Touch the [ ] button for 2 seconds to activate the child-lock mode.
  2. When child-lock is activated, none of the buttons on the heating unit controller work.