Proven Benefits of How Bed Warming Mattress Pads

Need help with hitting the snooze button after a long day?

Sleep is a luxury you shouldn’t miss out on as this not only is integral for your physical health but also for your mental stability. So how important is investing in a bed-warming mattress pad in the long run? We’d say it is worth investing in as long as you go for a quality one that is eco-friendly and energy-saving since typical electric bed warmers can rack up your monthly bills. With the new water heated technology, this new feature helps eliminate the risk of fire accidents and addresses exactly those concerns we indicated.

What are the Benefits?

Heat Therapy is a proven benefit especially for relieving back pain since it greatly aids in improving your blood circulation, effectively allowing oxygen to reach the different parts of your ailing muscles and joints. It may not happen overnight especially if you have years of accumulated back and joint pain you received from work or daily activities. So a bed warming mattress pad is a great way to get the oxygen and blood flowing to the greatly needed parts of your body that need recovery. So aside from back pain, it also aids with repairing other types of body pain you’ve built up over the years. In as little as 2 weeks, you will begin to notice the difference in your mobility, mental health and overall physical health making this bed topper your new favorite. If you left your bed warmer at home, you can also resort to a hot shower to temporarily help alleviate some of the body pain you are experiencing. After all, years of joint and muscle pain build will require you to incorporate a daily habit of heat therapy.


Bed Warming Mattress Pads are Energy savers. In the long run using a heater can easily rack up your electricity bills. A heated bed topper is normally energy efficient especially if it is water heated. A water heated mattress pad also eliminates the risk of fire accidents, which is a big benefit to your peace of mind knowing you can sleep soundly and relaxed. Sleeping in uncomfortable temperatures affects your sleep greatly and can throw you off easily. A bed mattress warmer normally consumes 60 to 90 watts on average, if you translate this into your monthly electricity, this is only less than 20 cents for an entire relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep. Ain’t that a good reward for your day?


While you are all snug and warm underneath your sheets, your room retains its cool temperature during the day keeping the air fresh. With the adjustable heating features, you will probably spend a day or two adjusting the settings and figuring out which one works best for you. Moving around a lot when you sleep is an indication that you are not comfortable at sleep, which may be caused by improper lighting, physical pain or most likely not achieving the proper temperature for sleeping.


Here are some additional benefits: 

  • Can easily be stored and carried around during traveling
  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Easily adjustable and has a child safety feature
  • Easy to wash and clean, comes with a sterilizer feature
  • Helps your sleep even with a fever. The temperature adjustment helps you stay warm which aids with your recovery.

So yes, the pros are too many to enumerate and investing in a quality one is worth it. Water heated technology is new and should be recommended over electric heaters due to the overall safety, efficiency and effectiveness in helping you enjoy your well earned rest and relaxation at the comfort of your bed.

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