Navien Mate: is it necessary when it gets warm?

It is the change of seasons – a time when you always remind your family and friends to “Please take care of your health.” When “cold”, “skin care”,'”respiratory disease” and “children’s disease” become major search terms. It is clear that the change of season is a time when you should pay special attention to health management.

In this blog article, we show you how to maintain your health during the change of seasons using Navien Mate water heated mat. You may be wondering – is a heated mattress pad necessary if the weather became warm? The fact is that you can go through the changing season healthier with a water heated mat! If you are curious, please read until the end.

Navien Mate increases immunity by regulating body temperature!


During the changing seasons, the temperature difference between day and night is usually large, so the body temperature changes rapidly. And if you add fine dust that penetrates more severely during the changing season, you are more likely to get respiratory-related diseases such as colds.In this case, the easiest way to keep our body healthy is to manage body temperature!

A Japanese oncologist said that a drop of 1 degree in body temperature decreases immunity by 30%, and even a temperature rise of 1 degree increases the immunity by 5-6 times.

In addition, it is also important to manage the temperature of anything that touches your body well. In order to keep the temperature of anything n contact with your body constant, it may be helpful to use a water heated mat, which is an auxiliary heating device. Navien Mate’s water heated mat ‘The Care, EQM580’ has an auto-heating function that controls itself to maintain the set temperature overnight, so you will never have to wake up feeling cold again.

During the changing seasons, where the daily temperature difference is large, even those who normally sleep well may experience temporary sleeplessness. In fact, according to a survey by the Health Insurance Corporation, the number of people receiving treatment for sleep disorders has increased rapidly in October and March, which are the changing seasons before and after winter rather than spring and summer for the last five years. The reason for this is that the sleeping environment may change due to changes in daily temperature or sunlight, and the body may not be able to adjust properly.

​There is a saying that “sleep is a remedy”, so getting a good night’s sleep is the number one thing you can do to protect your health from stress. When you get a good night’s sleep, the body builds up immunity to protect it.

Neurophysiologist and novelist Michelle Juve, renowned for his work on sleep, says that sleeping requires only two things. The first is a safe place and the second is the temperature. It is said that humans can fall asleep only when the temperature measured 1mm from the forehead, cheek, and nose among the body parts that sense temperature in the body is 27℃.

As such, temperature is an essential requirement for sleeping. A water heated mat that maintains a constant temperature throughout sleep helps you sleep better. A polysomnography test also proved the correlation between a water heated mat and a comfortable sleep.

(From Navien Mate Brochure)

The secret to alleviating menstrual pain is ‘maintaining body temperature’

Most women suffer through moderate to severe pain once a month brought about by menstrual period. Menstrual cramps are mainly pain around the pelvis, but in severe cases, the hands and feet become cold, they experience chills, and the pain area may extend even below the thigh. Women who usually suffer from menstrual pain may experience more severe cramps as their immunity decreases during the season.

According to oriental medicine, menstrual pain is deeply related to blood circulation, and it is important to maintain body temperature for smooth blood circulation. So, an easy way to relieve pain at home is to warm your stomach.

Navien Mate reduces the waiting time for it to warm up with the ‘quick heating’ function. It warms up quickly by up to 40%, so it can be useful especially on days when you’re suffering from cramps.


Even if it gets warm, a water heated mat is needed!

​From the examples above, we can see that maintaining body temperature’ is important to maintain health during the changing seasons, when the daily temperature difference is large. You can maintain your body temperature with a water heated mat to increase immunity and get a good night’s sleep.

Our water heated mattress topper is definitely a big help not only in winter. Navien Mate is an all-season sleep improvement necessity.  What’s more, it is easy to maintain, small and light in size, and convenient to move and store, should you want to store it.

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