Keep Your Baby Cozy in the Crib with NavienMate

If you are looking for a way to increase the comfort of your baby or infant, a non-electric mattress warmer could be the perfect solution. Not only is a water bed warmer completely safe to use for babies and infants of all ages, but they can also increase the child’s comfort throughout the night.

A baby will be able to demonstrate to you when it is overheating by growing red in the face and sweating more than usual. These signs should be watched out for as you begin using the heating pad to ensure that you are picking a temperature for the pad that is right for your baby.

You may also wish to place a fan inside your baby’s room, which is a great counterpart to the heated mattress pad. When used together, these will help regulate your baby’s temperature and prevent your baby from either getting too hot or too cold.

What is a Water Bed Warmer?

Our water bed warmer is safe and simple to use so you never have to worry about the blanket overheating or burning your child in their crib. This type of mattress heating pad heats up when water circulates through the tubes that are inside the pad.

After flowing through the tubes, the water will return to the heating unit, which sends the water back out at the proper temperature — which you have the ability to choose. While it might sound complicated, our mattress pads are very easy to use and ensure that the temperature is always perfectly regulated.

There is no need for unsafe electric coils to be used, which are known to cause burns when left unmonitored. This means that your child can have a cozy and warm bed without electric blanket.

Electric blankets might also produce radiation, which you of course do not want anywhere near your baby. Instead, our water generated heat, is completely safe without any risk to your child, no matter how young they are.

Our mattresses are also a convenient option because they can easily fit any bed or crib. Simply place the mattress warmer under or over the sheet and any other blankets you might have in your baby’s crib.

There are also several convenient options that will increase your own comfort as a parent. For instance, you can control the temperature and other settings on the mattress warmer from your phone. After a long and exhausting day, this means you can ensure your child is comfortable and happy without rushing to their room or crib and adjusting settings manually.

You can also use the mattress warmer on your own bed for those times when you might want to nap or sleep in the same bed as your child. The dual temperature controls mean that you and your child can both have a custom temperature to encourage sleep and comfort.

It is clear that a heated mattress pad will keep your baby cozy and calm all year round. Rather than relying on bulk blankets, which can cause your baby to fuss and feel trapped or entangled, a mattress pad will keep the crib and your baby perfectly warm.

How NavienMate Can Help Your Baby Sleep

Beyond being a safe way to create a cozy sleep environment for your child, heated mattress pads come with many other benefits for your baby’s sleep.

  • Regulate Temperature

It is known that babies struggle with thermoregulation, which means they cannot properly keep their internal temperature and external temperature balanced through the delicate process of heat retention and heat loss.

Due to the low amount of body fat and lack of metabolic development, babies are prone to losing too much heat. As we mature and grow, our bodies take on more fat and can produce heat through certain mechanisms, like shivering. But for a baby, blankets and body warmth are the best options.

During the night, one of our water heated mattress pads will be able to stay warm, but not too hot. This will ensure that your baby retains heat and will not become too cold or fussy.

An electric blanket may not be the best option due to the potential for burns or for metal coils to break through and harm your child. Equally, heavy blankets can weigh down too much on your baby and harm him or her.

  • Ease Distress or Discomfort

Babies that suffer from colic or digestion issues can often become distressed at night, which interrupts their sleep as well as your own. A heated mattress pad can actually ease some of the symptoms of colic, such as stomach pains as well as fear or distress that babies with colic often experience.

Similarly, a baby that is struggling with digestion could also be comforted by a heated mattress pad. The warmth will soothe the stomach muscles, which often clench or experience spasm when dealing with issues such as gas or stomach aches.

Not only will your baby feel cozier and less fearful, but you also might get more sleep as well because your baby will not wake up as often throughout the night.

  • Increased Relaxation

Even for babies who do not suffer from stomach issues, a warming mattress pad will be a source of comfort and will soothe them when they are in distress. Not only will they feel calmer at night, but you might even discover that it takes less time for your baby to fall asleep with the assistance of a mattress heater.

Find the Best Water Bed Warmer for Your Baby

All parents want the best for their babies and this includes giving them the best sleep to help them grow into a healthy child. If you’re looking for the best water bed warmer for your baby, contact us today and help your baby achieve the perfect sleep.

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