Is Navien Mate Safe For My Child?

Winter storms have hit some of the states hard recently. For some families, this means there is a need for supplementary heating systems while they fix the damage in their homes including their heaters. These supplementary heating systems include thick bedding or home appliances such as a water-heated pad.

In the Mom communities online, you can see mothers asking whether the material of water-heated pad is okay for children to use and whether there is no danger of being exposed to electromagnetic waves.

We answer these questions in this article and share how to use Navien Mate safely


What should the temperature setting be when using a water heated pad for my child?

Our water-heated pads can be used by all age groups, but there are different age groups that need special attention.

For infants under 6 months, be careful with the temperature setting. The commonly used “hot” temperature can be dangerous for infants and toddlers who are unable to turn over. They may suffer low temperature burns even at a temperature of about 37℃ similar to their own body temperature.

Low temperature burns are burns that occur when the skin is exposed to temperatures ranging from 40 ℃ to 60 ℃ for a long time. Because low-temperature burns progress slowly, unlike general burns, it is often difficult to recognize the symptoms immediately. In addition, infants and toddlers are not able to express when they feel hot, which can lead to more severe burns if they are exposed to heat.

Normal body temperature by age groups:

• 0~yrs: 36.4°C ~ 38°C
• 3~1yrs: 36.1°C ~ 37.8°C
• 11~65 yrs: 35.9°C~37.6°C]

As you can see in the above chart, children’s body temperature is usually higher than that of adults. Newborns, toddlers, and children have a higher metabolism rate, so their basal body temperature is higher than that of adults. Therefore, when using a water-heated pad with a child, the temperature must be set differently on each side of the bed so that both mother and child can enjoy a comfortable sleep.


Which product is good to use with children?

Navien Mate has strict standards to ensure sleep safety for all age groups. Both the 1mm ultra-slim mat and the cushion mat passed the skin irritation test and cytotoxicity test in accordance with the excellent experimental testing standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, the cover is made of 100% pure, unprocessed natural cotton, so it can be used by sensitive children and will not cause skin irritation.

In addition, you can use it with peace of mind because it has obtained electromagnetic field (EMF) safety environmental certification. There is almost no electromagnetic wave in the mat part above the bed. The electromagnetic wave may be generated in the boiler part slightly, thus, when using Navien Mate, it is recommended to place the boiler part about 30cm away from the human body.

Navien Mate has safety devices installed to protect children from possible risks

After confirming safety from electromagnetic waves, it is good to check whether various safety devices come with the product. Navien Mate is equipped with multiple safety devices to safeguard from any possible dangers that may arise while using the product with children.

High temperature mode notification function

When the temperature of Navien Mate is set above 38 ℃, it checks the set temperature once more through a notification, and the high temperature lamp turns on. Therefore, it allows you to prevent low-temperature burns on children, as explained earlier.

Child Lock- Safety of Children

Children’s curiosity may cause them to press buttons on electronic devices. Navien Mate is equipped with a child lock to prevent accidents from happening. If you press and hold the child lock button, a lock appears on the screen and the lock function is set. You can rest assured that none of the buttons will work until you unlock it.

Personalize your own sleep temperature.

As explained earlier, parents and children with different normal body temperatures have different ideal sleep temperatures. In such a case, the “separate heating” of Navien Mate is what gives us great advantage. It is possible to finely adjust from 28 to 45°C in 1°C increments for the left and right side of the bed, so both parent and child can sleep well by setting the temperature that suits each individual.

Knowing all these, you can be assured that Navien Mate is committed to your safety and to helping you and you child get quality sleep, night after night, with confidence.

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