How to Know When Your Pillow Needs Replacing?

Sleep is important, another important aspect is the actual quality of sleep you get. As you know, pillows have an expiration date, it depends on the usage, environment, quality, type and more. Let’s delve into this and have some pillow talk about it. Pillows need periodic maintenance and replacement. An old pillow or even the wrong type of pillow can mess up your sleep, as they age the quality deteriorates leaving you with uneven sides especially if you tend to sweat a lot. A pillow provides support for your back, head and neck leaving you with a good posture and keeps your spine aligned.

After a time, your pillow sucks up a lot of usage which includes dead skin cells, dust, oil, dirt and allergens which can actually cause more negative impacts than the positives. So cleaning up your pillow regularly should be one of your room chores every 3-4 months. Now that you know how much dirt your pillow absorbs, here’s a couple suggestions from us:


A pillow is a sleeping partner, you need to invest in a good one since after all, your sleep quality literally depends on it.

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