DC VS AC – Which is Better for Heating Mattresses?

DC VS AC – Which is Better for Heating Mattresses?

When it comes to heating mattresses, the power may either be DC or AC. With DC, the voltage is always constant, and the electricity flows in a certain direction which allows you to save more energy over time as compared to AC. For AC, it currently owns the electricity market since it is a lot cheaper and can flow in any direction since the current may change periodically.

When it comes to heating mattresses, DC is more preferred due to the stability of the current, unlike AC where the alternating current varies which means no electric field can be formed. You want a stable heating mattress where you don’t have to worry about the power being unstable in case the current fluctuates. Depending on the current flow, the amount of electromagnetic waves generated also differs. You always want consistency when it comes to voltage delivery, which means most of the battery operated devices are DC.

So which performs better?

Both are essential, although most technology requiring current prefers DC, most use AC since it is delivered directly from the power grid to your power outlet. AC typically dominates the competition due to the adaptability since power supply may not always be consistent especially in areas lacking the supply. When it comes to heated mattress pads, you’re definitely looking for a DC powered one due to the overall stability.

DC VS AC - Which is Better for Heating Mattresses? - Navien Mate
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